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To whom it may concern I was employed by a company Asif worked, I was there for two years as a support worker/carer. Asif was the only member of the management team who I could approach about as he was caring, and he had quite a lot of knowledge around mental health and domiciliary care and was always at hand to support the staff.
R.B (Support worker)
22 May 2021
I have been supported by Asif over the last eight years through different care agencies in the time ive been supported by Asif I have come a long way in term of my mental health and he is a support worker who will go out of his way to make a difference into peoples life. He has had new staff shadowing him on visits and the knowledge he has about his role is vast and you can see this in the way he delivers the support.
M.N (Client)
20 May 2021
I have known Asif for the best part of Four Months, I have known Asif to be very polite man and have thoroughly enjoyed being under his management. He is a respected individual not only in a working environment but also by the general community.
A.C (support worker)
I have worked with Asif for a few years and his style of management is great he has good leadership skills and knowledge around mental health and domiciliary care. Asif also showed care and commitment work and welfare of the staff and clients. I would say Asif is very proactive in dealing with problems before they surface. He has a strong desire to for continual learning and accepting new challenging clients. I have had the personal and professional good fortune to work closely with Asif. He is personally responsible for building a strong and confident base for me as a manager during my time under his leadership.
S.L (Support Worker)
I have known Asif for a long time but to work under his management was a experience, he was very calm and his style of management was well respected by all the staff as he was firm but approachable. Asif qualities such as helpful, cooperative, compassionate, driven, knowledgeable the list is endless.
F.P (Support Worker)
Hi have worked with Asif for about two years in that time Asif has taught me a lot of things regarding work and how to handle different situations Asif was a very good listener, approachable and always on hand to support staff and clients. Asif is a warm and caring individual with a smile on his face all the time.
L.P (Support Worker)
I have worked with Asif at two care companies and feel that he is very approachable and very confident in his role, with Asif he is very care driven and always wants the best for his clients but at the same time he is very popular with staff even though Asif can be firm he is really respected by staff and clients.
S.K (Support worker)
I have had Asif as my support worker for the last eight years I really enjoy and look forward to my support visits as Asif is a person you can talk to he is not judgemental and is quite a caring guy, I can be challenging at times and feel that he is always smiling no matter what he will always make sure your needs are met and that when he leaves you at the end of the visit he will have made a difference in to your life. I have had previous companies but have not had the knowledge base and patience Asif has. He is nothing but the best.
S.B A.B (client and mother)
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